How Brands & PRs can do Better Blogger Outreach

It’s no big news these days that bloggers and influencers can form an integral part of the plan for client coverage – so why are brands and PR agencies still blanket emailing, getting details wrong with their outreach and generally rubbing bloggers up the wrong way?


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Why PR Agencies Need To Hire a Journalist To Write Press Releases

Journalists operating within the PR world are not an anomaly. With the closure of so many print titles, the necessary move to digital and the shrinking of staff jobs, more and more trained journalists are finding themselves on the other side of the industry in the murky depths of the PR world, myself included.


I found myself a few years ago as a writer in the PR industry, I’m going to explain why my situation was actually quite rare and ask: Why isn’t every PR agency doing this? 

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Don’t Call Them Chefs – Why Job Titles Really Matter in the Modern Day

In this age of blurring of role titles and fusing or expanding job descriptions, it’s important to remember: titles matter and using them incorrectly can be a real issue.


When I arrived in London armed with my great experience from RTÉ and a pretty exemplary track record from university, I thought I would sail into new opportunities. I foreseen roles being landed at my feet like the steps of the career ladder I was intent of ascending. What I stepped on to though was a shaky structure with lots of unnecessary noise and interruption, specifically relating to job titles.

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Every Business’ 6 Basic Social Media Musts

Some people just get social media, for others it’s a steep learning curve. If the thought of even attempting social media terrifies you, hand it all over to an experienced social media manager 😏. If you’re game for trying it out, it takes time to adjust to each platform and learn its intricacies and advantages. The bottom line is that every business needs social media of some form, so here are my six absolute social media basics that every business must abide by.

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How To Write a Good Recipe, By a Writer of Recipes

Lots of my blog posts come to the same conclusion: writing varied content and different digital, marketing, publishing copy requires lots of skill and technique. You’ll find that writing jobs are not as easy or straightforward as they seem to the uninitiated. That’s why using the skills of an experienced freelance writer is really imperative, when most people believe that because they have learned to string a sentence together that they don’t need to invest in the talent of a sharp wordsmith. Recipes, just like any other bodies of text have a natural flow and need to be organised and written properly for maximum effect. Here’s my tips on how to write the perfect recipes.

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How To Write Press Releases Better

I’ve spent a number of years writing press releases, especially but not limited to the food and drink industry. From my experience as a freelance journalist in Dublin (with RTÉ) to being a full-time copywriter in London (with one of the city’s top food, drink and travel agencies, Roche), I’ve been on both sides of the brief. Hopefully you’ll hire me as a freelance press release writer, but to show I know exactly what I’m talking about here’s my tips on how to write a good press release.


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