Spelling 101: Are You Still Spelling These Words Wrong?

It’s rare you will meet someone with perfect spelling. We all have those little words that are a nightmare to write. Thankfully, with an editor to oversee your writing you won’t have to worry about that for any important business content. In everyday life though, from texting to tweeting, you will have to suck it up and spell and here’s some of the most common incorrectly spelled words in everyday language.

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How To Write a Good Recipe, By a Writer of Recipes

Lots of my blog posts come to the same conclusion: writing varied content and different digital, marketing, publishing copy requires lots of skill and technique. You’ll find that writing jobs are not as easy or straightforward as they seem to the uninitiated. That’s why using the skills of an experienced freelance writer is really imperative, when most people believe that because they have learned to string a sentence together that they don’t need to invest in the talent of a sharp wordsmith. Recipes, just like any other bodies of text have a natural flow and need to be organised and written properly for maximum effect. Here’s my tips on how to write the perfect recipes.

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How To Write Press Releases Better

I’ve spent a number of years writing press releases, especially but not limited to the food and drink industry. From my experience as a freelance journalist in Dublin (with RTÉ) to being a full-time copywriter in London (with one of the city’s top food, drink and travel agencies, Roche), I’ve been on both sides of the brief. Hopefully you’ll hire me as a freelance press release writer, but to show I know exactly what I’m talking about here’s my tips on how to write a good press release.


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