Benefits of Outsourcing Your Business Blog to a Freelance Blogger

Every business worth its salt these days need to up their digital game to reach the widest net of customers they can find. What better (and cheaper) way than an interactive, engaging and shareable blog? Don’t worry about your own digital deficiencies or absent social media skills – outsource the job by hiring a freelance professional blogger.


Here’s the benefits of getting an established and already successful blogger to ghostwrite and manage your B2B business blog (or B2C) for you. Why spend time doing it half-heartedly and completely blind in-house when you can hire a blogger to write copy for you! Need a London-based freelance blogger or a freelance blogger in Dublin? I’m your guy, let’s chat, meanwhile here’s why you can’t say no….

Keeps Costs Down

Outsourcing to a blogger and delegating your digital tasks to them means you only pay for what you need – no long-term salaries, holiday pay, sick pay, team building days out or another overhead towards staff parties. Just like any other business transaction, work with a blogger on a project-by-project basis to strict deadlines and just pay for what you need done, whether that’s weekly blog posts or a post per day. Done, and done.

They’re Reliable

Chances are they’ve already proven themselves with their own blog or previous clients’ websites, tagging and growing it effectively and filling with engaging content. Whether they focus fully on your blog or are juggling a couple of clients at once, this is their bread and butter; it’s what they do on a day-to-day basis. Therefore, it’s quicker, more seamless and definitely much more professional.

They’re Digital Savvy

Bloggers who have honed their craft know what they’re doing; no need for excessive training. They eat, sleep and breathe SEO. The best ones know copyright laws and what you should or shouldn’t do digitally. They know which plugins you need to be attaching to your website and can run through analytics with a fine tooth comb – do you really want to drown in this stuff yourself? Outsource to a professional blogger and have it done properly.

No Time-Wasting

Professional freelance bloggers want contracts coming out of their ears and locked down so they’ll want to get right on board. Avoid the rigorous processes of screening interview candidates and time-wasting on non-starter talent to have sitting in-house. Keep a blogger at arm’s reach and out of your hair to do the job for you, freeing up your time and skills where they’re most needed. Win-win!

One Person, One Job

Avoid the headache of going through agencies or posting on job boards for ‘part-time bloggers needed’ or ‘freelance bloggers wanted’. A professional blogger for-hire is a one-person company and will deal with you directly on a one-to-one basis. No middleman.

They’ve Got Contacts

The line between blogger and influencer blurs in the present day as bloggers become more like independent brands and have thousands of eyes upon them daily – resulting in lots of great contacts and connections. Never underestimate what your freelance blogger will bring to the table. You may just benefit brilliantly from their expertise in different ways.

Strength in Outside Numbers

Your blogger widens your pool. They may introduce you to their fantastic photographer contact who you can use for another campaign. They may provide vital statistics about your customers. They may even have a great idea for another aspect of your business – hiring a freelance blogger can definitely open up your business to great outside insights. They’re your customer, looking at your business from the outside in.


Convinced yet and wondering about professional blogger rates? From as little as £40/€60 I can write your business’ blog posts for you, drop me a mail to chat about it! 

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