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Every business’ website worth its salt needs an interactive and engaging blog these days to offer an enhanced experience and element to what they offer, whether that’s a B2B or B2C.


Find a wider pool of customers online and keep them clicking through on your site. Keep them engaged, make them laugh, write something relatable, earn their trust and time. Want to blog from/about your own experience but don’t have the time, energy or skill it takes? Delegate the writing and management to me, whether you need fresh, snappy and effective content delivered daily, weekly, monthly or just once-off.

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I’ve managed blogs for RTEThe Fruit People, Kitchen Trotter UK, Parental Pathways and Gastrogays.

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A blog can be as simple or as complex as you like. I have the hands-on experience and knowledge to make even the beginnings of your entry into the blogging world successful and engaging. I know that using the right images communicate a thousand words in addition to snappy, sharply-written content. I know how to tailor copy for an SEO-friendly blog. I can establish a tone and definitive identity online, one that customers will trust.

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Well-written blog posts are a smart investment, which will continue to make an ROI as it’s long-term content marketing – you can share them again and again as you attract fresh eyes and new interest, unlike tweets or Instagram posts, which both have short shelf lives. A catchy, engaging and shareable blog will continue to bring hits and potential customers to your site in the long-term… worth the few quid now, wouldn’t you agree?


Drop me an email and let’s get talking  rates and availability, whether you need a blog post a week or a bundle of posts to populate your site as a once-off.